Do I need to upload a resume to Fortuna?

Nope. Fortuna is completely resume-less. We hope you enjoy a better job search!

How do I know if I’ve received an interview request?

Fortuna will notify you and the employer both in-app and through the emails associated with your account.

Can I see if an employer has rejected my application?

Yes! Head over to the "My Applications" section to view the jobs you've applied for. All rejected applications will remain highlighted in gray until the job posting has expired. Most postings on Fortuna expire after a week so you won't have to wait long for good or bad news.

Is there a way to inform my employers of the accommodations I will need due to my disability?

Absolutely! You may include these accommodations verbally in your "Video Resume" or through text in your "About Me" section. Both can be found in your profile.

How can an app replace in-person interviews?

We bring you face to face with top candidates as soon as they apply with our "Video Resume" feature. This allows you to easily assess candidates before meeting them in person.

If Fortuna limits the number of candidates I see, how do I know I have found the best candidate?

Our patented matching algorithm shows you exactly the amount of top candidates you'd like to interview. With Fortuna Match, you can say goodbye to scanning through endless resumes.

Can I choose the interview question for the video resume?

In order to give equal opportunity to every candidate, our video resume is open ended. This allows candidates to showcase their unique personalities and skillsets.

Is there a written-answer component to candidate applications?

Yes! Candidates fill out an "About Me" section where they may provide additional information on skills, preferences, and work history.

Does it cost money to use Fortuna?

Both finding a job and hiring candidates is hard enough. Fortuna is being released completely for free!

Is Fortuna available nationwide?

At this time, we are only available in the South Florida region. We look forward to expanding to more major cities in the coming months.

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