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Faris & Max
Founders of Fortuna

Our story

Fortuna began during the COVID-19 lockdowns when we—two friends from college—were sent home from the Bay Area to take our classes online. Over the next few months, we watched as the small businesses that had always lined the streets of our hometowns closed their doors. Many of them never reopened. As economics students, we were determined to help in any way possible. We spent the summer interviewing hundreds of small businesses and local job seekers, and armed with this data, we started formulating an idea. 

Small businesses employ half of the US labor market. Surprisingly, given today’s tech-focused landscape, 70% of these businesses currently hire entirely offline. As a consequence, job seekers are often completely unaware of relevant employment opportunities within their communities. Similarly, small businesses struggle to quickly and effectively source and hire the best local candidates.

Once we identified this problem, we started Fortuna to create the solution. 

You want to find the right job. Small businesses want to find the right employees. Our platform effectively aligns incentives between job seekers and employers to solve both current and future hiring problems. We know that the right fit makes all the difference. Whether you’re a job seeker or an employer, we hope to empower you in your pursuit of a successful future.

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